SHAYARI SMS [Love Shayari SMS]

3 years ago

Love does not ask who are you.
Love only says you are mine.
Love does not ask where are you from.
love only says you live

In my heart......
love does not ask what do you do.
love only says you make my heart beat.
love does not ask why are you

Far away.......
love only says you are always with me.
love does not ask Do you love me.. love only says

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3 years ago

I would still choose you
However much I feel hurt by you
I will still love you
However hard it gets I can not leave you
For reason beyond me I just love you I DO....

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3 years ago

Saline mischief in your eyes Small insolence,
Laughing in your smile, waves of dusk unfurled in your hair,
I will not forget you not until I cease to breathe,
Not until I cease to live.

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