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3 months ago

Live life fully!
Experience everything!
Take care of yourself and
Your friends!
Have fun, be crazy, be weird!
Don't try
To be perfect, just be yourself
And be loved for it!

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3 months ago

Ur ringt1's singing melody of days of old,
ur smses r long winding paths 2 s2ries yet un2ld.
Dis msg is in plaintext
yet u r bright & bold.

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3 months ago

My Life My Rule, #PLAY BOLD

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4 months ago

Dil dharkne ka banana dhunta hai ab tere dil mei thikana dhunta hai

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4 months ago

Dil yeh kehta hai kano mein tere thoda kareeb aa ke baahon mein teri
Dheere se main ek baat kahoon i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you
I Love You My Sweet Heart..(y)

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4 months ago

R.D Burman - Ho Tum Kya Jano. Mohabbat Kya Hain..?
Sanjay Dutt - Kamine Kutte. Main Acchi Tarha Janti Honn Mohabbat Kya Hain.
Raat Mein Nind Nahi Aati Aur Pocket Main Paisa Nahi Rehte. Sab Paisa Pyar Ne Kha Jati Hain...

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